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Hackathon is a hackathon marathon consisting of multiple stages, just like decathlons. In this exciting marathon, our participants firstly they join appropriate hackathon according to themselves.

Then they will develop prototypes these hackathons and make them a concept product with various trainings and exhibit them in Project Market event. The concept products, which are valued in the project market, are invited to Gala this time and they present their work models with canvases in order to be the first and get investment.

As Gaziantep Genç EMO; We are organizing National Hackathon on PCB (Electronic Card Design). Technology Summit Organization hall which has 500 people capacity in Gaziantep University Civil Engineering Conference Hall, our hackathon will be organized at GAUN Campus Cultural Center. This hackathon takes 2 days. First day with the companies with have been working on PCB will be held panels and conversation who participant. After that, pcb desings will be done during the 24 hours

Hackathon, which will be held on PCB for the first time in our country, aims to create awareness for the country by gathering the distinguished mentors, academicians and guests on the campus of Gaziantep University and to be organized in March every year. We are pleased to see you as our strategic partner in our organization, whose image and high quality is our most important value. We believe that; With the contributions of you and our other strategic partners, the organization will become larger and more viable, and will be widely available in the press and business world. We best regards

So the event is exactly
You know what?

First you will develop the Prototype of the Project in 24 hours in our PCB Hackathon!
Then you will present your project in the Argeti Project Market event!
You will collect both the Awards in the Gala with the Investor Presentation Training and you will find the Investor in the Project and Commercialize Your Product!

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Stage 2
Argeti Project Market

Argeti, Research & Development - Commercialization is a project market activity of Gaziantep University. Argeti is the most important platform of Gaziantep to introduce, show and exhibit your project or idea to investors and business world. ARGETİ Project Market is realized with the aim of making every precious idea and project realization and evaluation, and expanding the culture of university-industry cooperation. Graduation Projects, Graduate / Doctoral Projects, Entrepreneurship Projects, R & D and Innovation Projects are made in 4 categories.

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Stage 3

Your Project

In stage 3, your project is very close to commercialization! With the entrepreneurship trainings and investor presentation trainings, you will create your business model canvas and face the investors. At this stage, you will have the opportunity to collect both the rewards and the investment collection. Location and date will be announced here soon ...

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EMO Gaziantep Branch President


Geylani Elk. Board member


Gaziantep University Academician

Prof.Dr.Ergün ERÇELEBİ

Gaziantep University Head of Electricity and Electronic Engineer Department


METSAN Research & Development Engineer


Sarhas General Manager

Ali Emre Öztürk

Academician at Hasan Kalyoncu University

Erdoğan KAYHAN

Manager Gülsan Holding

Ümit KÖK

Elektric Engineer-Educationalist


PCB Designer - Bahçeşehir University Educationalist


Electricity and Electronic Engineer

First Prize

Opportunity to establish a company in Teknopark

In the podium teams

  • Temsa
  • Geylani Elektrik
  • Metsan Otomotiv
Business Opportunities

Many Surprise Gifts

Highlights From 2019 PCB Hackathon


Gaziantep University
Gaziantep University

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